Candidate Profile: Deb Fischer

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Five days away from the election.  Tuesday, we looked at US Senate Candidate Bob Kerrey.  Tonight, we look at Deb Fischer.

State Senator Deb Fischer says it's time to get the economy back in line, and she says has the experience to make that happen.

Republican State Senator Deb Fischer says her straightforward, honest reputation makes her the best candidate for  Nebraska's open seat in the US Senate.  As a State Senator in the Unicameral, she represents the 43rd District. She says her years in the State Legislature, working for and achieving a balanced budget, will help her balance the national budget in DC. 

“It's cutting spending, balancing a budget.  We do it in Nebraska.  We balance our budget every year—we have to do that at the federal level as well,” Deb Fischer said.

While she has experience working for Nebraskans, she says she's not a professional politician and isn't one of the “good ol boys”.

Fischer says the best way to help grow the economy is to cut regulations for companies. She says growing small businesses is key to making more jobs. Repealing the President's Affordable Healthcare Act is one of her first steps.

“I believe that we need to get controls on government and let people make decisions based on what they believe is best for themselves and families,” she said.

Fischer says she's a Nebraskan who cares about what other Nebraskans want. She spent her time as a legislator combing rural Nebraska—hearing the concerns of the people she represents, and she says she will do that again.

“That's what politicians are supposed to do—that's what elected officials are supposed to do,” Fischer said. 

Of course the election is next Tuesday. Most polls show the race between Fischer and Kerrey tightening.