Car Crashes Into Lincoln Home

A bizzarre accident results in a car slicing a Northwest Lincoln home in half, early Thursday morning. The owner of the home wouldn't go on camera. He did say that he just recently moved his bed upstairs from the first floor–a move that could have saved his life.  The gaping whole in the house was left by a 1993 Mercedes Benz. According to Lincoln Police, 28-year-old Benjamin Tucker and three passengers were driving around a curve when Tucker lost control. The car went past a tree, through the side of the house and out the other.  A neighbor heard the crash and looked out her windowto see the suspects running away. She says two girls fell down and got back up. When police arrived they found Tucker and his three passengers at his home just blocks away. Police are still investigating exactly what happened. They do believe aclohol was a factor. Neighbors say this road can be dangerous. Only the driver was ticketed. He recieved a DWI, and was cited for wreckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.