UPDATED: More car vandalisms reported in north Lincoln

By: Ashley Harding


Police say at least 8 cars were targeted early Wednesday morning at the Black Sand apartment complex near 27th & Superior streets. 

 Taelor Pike finds herself among the latest victims of vandals in north Lincoln. Police were called to the Black Sand Apartments complex just before 3:00 a.m. They found that several cars had been hit and their windows were smashed.  Their owners are left cleaning up the mess.  

“I have stuff in my glove compartment that they could've taken, but all they did was break the window and go through everything. So, it's kind of confusing why,” said Pike.

Witnesses reported seeing an early to mid 2000 red Ford mustang with a loud muffler speeding away from a car alarm. It's becoming an unsettling trend in north Lincoln. Police say since Thanksgiving, there have been 33 cases of vandalism to property. This includes car windows and mailboxes. They say that's not all.

 “We've had 85 larcenies from autos since Thanksgiving, which is high. I haven't compared it to recent years, but just knowing the general trends, this is an increase,” said Officer Katie Flood.

Police say this latest rash of vandalisms could be related to others throughout the city. The victims say it's not fair and they hope the vandal is caught soon.

“It's very frustrating, especially around the holidays. Obviously, you want to put money toward other people. I have to put it now toward my car, even though it was nothing I did,” said Pike.

The dollar damage is still being determined at this time. So far, police have no suspects. Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers at: (402) 475-3600.