C.A.R.D. Meeting

Members of the group Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination met tonight in downtown Lincoln to talk about the city's race relations. The group has worked to fight against racism for the past ten years. The purpose of tonight's meeting stems from a racial incident that happened 8 years ago. A community committee was appointed to make recommendations that would improve race relations in the city. Tonight, they evaluated their progress. The incident that inspired the race relations movement happened in 1994. Lincoln police were looking for a Hispanic man who'd violated a protection order. Francisco Renteria was stopped and police took him into custody, but because Renteria did not speak English he didn't understand the officers actions, and struggled. He was subdued by officers and died the next day. The Renteria case served as a catalyst for the community to recognize there were some serious issues and concerns and secondly that there was a demand that some changes be made. And some changes were made. A committee appointed by then Mayor Mike Johanns drafted a report that recommended the type of restraint used on Renteria be discontinued. It since has been. The report also recommended more cultural training for city and community organizations. They will meet again in the winter.