Career Day at Hill Elementary

By: Jenn Schanz

Students at HillEelementary got a professional jump start Tuesday, on “Career Day.”

tThey spent the morning meeting with a Librarian, a Banker, a Chef, a Soldier, and a Heart Surgeon with a very hands–on explanation of his work.

Channel 8's Vanessa Brown also stopped by, to tell the kids what life as an anchor is all about.

And of course, students were asked that famous question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I've thought about maybe playing sports. Or, my dad's an accountant so maybe being a banker or something,” says fifth grader Max Petersen.

“I would like to be a music teacher,” says fellow fifth grader Skylar Swanson.

Jordan Lockert, also in the fifth grade, is set on a career on stage.

“A comedian or an actor,” he says. 

Recent data shows kids are thinking about how education will affect money down the road. They're also generally optimistic about the years ahead. A decent amount even believe they'll change the world.

But some of that optimism tends to fade as students reach high school.

Hill staff says getting kids thinking long term at an early age is one way to keep them on track.

“All the research we know, including the Gallup research, shows that children who have hope with their future or in their future tend to do better in school,” says Hill Principal Michelle Phillips. 

Students tend to agree.

“I think it's good because kids can learn stuff that maybe you wouldn't get to hear when you're older. It's just kind of a jump start I think,” says Swanson. 

Nearly all the professionals who stopped by Hill for Career Day have ties to the school. Many are family members of students, some are even alumni.

Staff says that personal connection is an important motivator for students.