Carnival to be held for 8yr. old with cancer

We have an emotional story about a little boy battling cancer. And an army of friends who are hoping for your help.  Elliott Haes's family describes him as funny, friendly and fierce. Fierce because he's one eight year old that has been through more than most of us ever will. And because of that, he's now about to be the guest of honor and a carnival that will hopefully help his family out.

He's whipping out wheelies, showing off his skills, and it's no surprise when you hear what this eight year old speedster strives to do. “What do you want to do when you grow up? mmmm… A racecar driver,” Elliot said.

But as crazy as that career can be…his family says it's nothing compared to the road he's ridden so far. “Elliott is a really strong kid as you can tell, nothing bothers him,” Elliot's dad Jay said.

Not even the Spina Bifida he was born with.  Or the numerous surgeries he's endured. Not even the brain cancer he was diagnosed with in December that sometimes wears out this second grader, making him miss school.

“If you're grown up or older and sick or you have cancer you understand that there's morality in life but it shouldn't be something an 8 year old boy has to know,” Elliot's mom Stephanie said.

And that's a sentiment shared by some others in the city…so they're doing something to help: they're cooking up a carnival in Elliott's honor. It's going to have food, a silent auction and superheroes.  The carnival is all geared towards kids and letting them do what they do best and that's have a good time.

It's a party everyone is invited to, where all the proceeds will go to pay for the families medical expenses. But most importantly, says the family, it's a celebration of the support the community shares for their loving little boy.

“I can't believe all the love people put out for people they don't even know…it's incredible.”

The Haes family says with any left over money the carnival raises for them… They'll donate it back to other struggling families and the University of Nebraska Medical Center where Elliott receives treatment. Elliott's Carnival is Sunday May 23rd at Five Willows. That's located at 48th and Pioneers. It runs from 1:00 to 4:00pm. For more information email or call Jaime Sanks at 402-475-2157 to Volunteer.  Log onto

There is also a facebook page for Elliot at look for “Pray For Jay Elliot Haes”