Casino Gambling Debate May Be Dead This Session

Casino gambling in Nebraska hit a bump in the road Monday. The proposed amendment was dropped from the Legislature's agenda and may not make it back this session. Under the current bill, 2 casinos would be allowed in Nebraska. That's down from the previous proposal of five.

While there would be fewer casinos, gambling backers say it may give Nebraska gaming an edge on facilities in nearby states. Even if the Legislature works out how many casinos the state could have, the decision will ultimately come down to voters. People who have seen the negative impacts of gambling are reluctant to see it come here.

Some Senators are also worried about the negative economic effects this could have on the state, taking money away and putting it in the pockets of casino owners in Las Vegas.

The amendment is off the agenda for now and can not come back unless the Speaker of the Legislature decides to do so. But Speaker Curt Bromm says that's highly unlikely to happen.