CEDARS holds open house for new downtown location

Posted By: Brent BonFleur


The CEDARS Organization held an open house Wednesday to give the public a sneak peek at their new drop-in center. 

"This a great day for Cedars. We’ve been dreaming of this particular day for four years now," said CEDARS President Jim Blue.

The building, which opens February 1st and is located near 13th and L, will provide clothing, computer access and warm meals for kids in need. 

It’s also a safe haven for those who may not have anywhere else to go. 

"Unfortunately, youth homelessness is prominent in our city and people just don’t realize it," said Program Manager Christina Lloyd. 

"So, for us, it was very important to be able to provide that safe place for them and know that they always have somewhere they’re welcome and can get the assistance they need."

CEDARS estimates over 1,200 youth use their services in Lincoln each day. They say this new building will provide care for about 750. 

In addition to drop-in centers like this new location, the non-profit also provides out-of-home care, emergency shelters and helps kids find foster homes. 

Blue says the new building will help further their goal of getting kids off the streets and into stable living conditions. 

"We have found that there are kids who are on the streets, who are homeless, who are runaways – they’re on their own," he said. 

"And this may be the first step towards their movement towards permanent housing – and we want to be there with them for that first step."

A big chunk of the funding for the facility came from a federal grant, but CEDARS says they could still use help from the community to cover the difference. 

A link to the donation page on their website is listed here: https://cedars-kidsorg.presencehost.net/donate/.