Celebrating Adoption Awareness Month

Posted By:  Rachael Witter

Governor Heineman announced November as Adoption Awareness Month in the State of Nebraska.

The new awareness month highlights kids in foster care who are waiting for a family. The governor says adoptive parents can really have a positive impact on a child's life. Almost 500 adoptions happen a year in the State of Nebraska. One family says the adoption process has been a very positive experience.

The Fristo family adopted their son 14 years ago with an open adoption.  Their son, Kris, is still in contact with his birth parents.

“He gets a chance to be a part of their lives as well as ours.  What could be better for him?  It's had great positive impact on our lives, it's blessed us tremendously,” says Ruth Fristo.

This year, more than 200 foster children have been adopted in Nebraska, and almost 150 more will be adopted in the next few weeks. The goal of this awareness month is to find foster children permanency in their lives.

“It's a really great process that we go through. Its one of the really great happy things that happen in child and family services is those adoption protocols and processes,” Thomas Pristow with Children & Family Services said.

This month, celebrations honoring completed adoptions will be held across the state. Kris says he has opportunities now that he might not have had if he wasn't adopted.

“I have a lot of good opportunities… like I have a pretty good house and pretty good parents,” Kris said.

The governor hopes this new awareness month will inspire people to consider adoption.