Celebrations for Nebraska’s 150th Anniversary in 2017 are being Unveiled

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LINCOLN, Neb. Governor Ricketts and First Lady Susanne Shore unveiled four of the 13 programs for Nebraska’s 150th Anniversary of statehood in 2017.

"The Nebraska Impact Initiative is a program that challenges Nebraskan’s to volunteer 150 hours or more  either individually or as part of a group in 2017." Said Suzanne Shore, Nebraska First Lady

First Lady Susanne Shore discusses the first community project in 2017 which focuses on volunteerism. Other projects will include fitness, education and collecting Nebraskan’s stories. The Nebraska impact initiative will be a free program to allow Nebraskan’s to connect with different organization and volunteer opportunities. Cathleen Plager with serve Nebraska says Nebraska is ranked 6th nationally in volunteerism which is key to communities.

"Volunteers who serve as tutors and mentors can help increase test scores and graduation rates among youth from disadvantages circumstances across the spectrum mobilizing people to serve others is key to promoting effective communities." Said Cathleen Plager, with Serve Nebraska

The first lady also introduced the Nebraska 150 challenge which is a fitness program designed motivate Nebraskan’s reach 150 miles.

"Individuals and groups can register and then document the number of miles they walk or run or bike or kayak or rock climb." Shore Said

The third program introduced was called "Now you know Nebraska." This is where grade school students watch fun 1 to 2 minute videos every school day showing the history and culture of Nebraska. And the fourth program introduced is called "What Nebraska means to you." This is where Nebraskan’s are asked to make a video of them interviewing their neighbors and sharing their stories about living in Nebraska.

"These invaluable stories will enable us to document the past and the present for the future generation." Shore Said

Ricketts has this message to Nebraska 4th graders.

"If I see your class in the hallway’s of the Rotunda. I’ll ask that question, ‘What’s a 150 year celebration called?’ It’s called a Sesquicentennial. So now you know the answer, all you have to do is practice saying that." Said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

Again this was only four of the 13 projects in 2017. Shore says some of these will continue beyond 2017.

Here’s a list of the Website to get involved with in 2017: