Celebrity Pilot brings Special Olympic Athletes to Lincoln

It was a lot like the movie air force one, there was a plane, plenty of action and even the heroin, Harrison Ford.

“It's cool that any celebrity would support the Special Olympics definitely brings focus to it, it's a good cause,” special Olympics supporter ben pratt saidO

Hundreds of Special Olympics supporters and Harrison Ford fans lined the tarmac of one of the busiest runways in the world today Duncan airways.

Of the 160 landings there this afternoon, Ford's was just one of them.

The actor is more than just an entertainer he's also a pilot that bringing a positive message about aviation all the way from Albuquerque.

“General aviation provides great service to this country, to the world in fact and we have the greatest general aviation system in the world.” Ford said.

Aboard Ford's flight were 5 Special Olympic athletes and 2 coaches.

People Ford says are some of the most deserving of a good cause, good pilot and good aviation system like Cessna citations.

“I hope that these kinds of efforts will allow people to understand what general aviation does and how it gives back to the community and how it provides service to the nation overall,” Ford said.

Ford will be back at the end of the week to pick up the five athletes and 2 coaches he brought with him today.