Census Office Opens In North Lincoln

Wednesday several city and state leaders met to kick off the “Spirit Of Community” celebration, which marks the beginning of the 2010 census in Nebraska.

Mayor Beutler spoke at the celebration, stressing the importance of participating in the census. The U.S. constitution requres states to conduct a census every 10 years to count its residents. Participating in the census provides more than 300 billion in federal funding to states and communities.

This is a kickoff to let everybody know that census is about community and were going to be in the community and were hiring in the community. A field office has been opened in north Lincoln to conduct the census, and they're looking to hire both full and part time workers.

To apply to work for Census 2010 you can call 1-866-861-2010 or log onto www.census.gov/roden/www/2010emply.html