Center for People in Need needs your help

The Center for People in Need helps thousands of Lincoln families each Thanksgiving. This year, they need some help of their own. 

Twila Whiteeyes is one of 12,000 low income individuals who will get help buying Thanksgiving dinner from the Center. For the first time, she has her own home to welcome loved ones. “They want to come to my place. I was thinking I was gonna go somewhere else, but they said no, we want to have it at your house,” Twila says. 

 The “giving thanksgiving” program raises money so the center can fill tables that would otherwise be empty. “It's a special program because when you see how relieved families are that they'll be able to have a Thanksgiving meal. We get a lot of people calling, saying I don't have anything for Thanksgiving, I don't know what to do, and we're able to say, come over and we'll help you out,” says the Center's Executive Director, Beatty Brasch.  

This year for the first time, their donations are down. Their goal is $60,000, but so far, they've gotten just under $20,000. The number of donors is also down from 439 last year to 281 this year.  Brasch says those who can help can know they made a difference.  She says, “To take out a few from their pockets and help share it with somebody else so they can have a Thanksgiving… I think makes everybody feel good.”

Even if they don't meet their goal, the program will still give Thanksgiving food and grocery vouchers to about four thousand households. And for people like Twila, it means so much. “For some reason this year is special to me. And I'm thankful for everything and everybody giving me what I deserve.”

If you would like to make a donation you can mail a check to the Center for People in Need, 3901 North 27th St. Unit 1, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68521. Please write “thanksgiving” in the memo.