Changes Being Made to Put Paramedics At High School Games

The head injury Brady Baren suffered Friday night has sparked big debate over the lack of paramedics at Lincoln Public School football games. Now, steps are being made to change that.

Paramedics were at the game Friday, but left to respond to another call before Brady's injury. A new agreement would keep paramedic's on hand throughout games. Two years ago, a tight budget forced Lincoln Public Schools to cut the funding to pay for the service. But school officials say it came down to more than dollars and cents. The cost was estimated two years ago at just under 39-hundred dollars. Other schools, like private and parochial pay to have an ambulance on hand, and Lincoln Fire Chief Spadt says it is only fair that Lincoln Public Schools pay for the service as well.

The plan has still not been finalized between Lincoln Fire Department and Lincoln Public Schools. They're meeting Tuesday morning to discuss just that. At that meeting, Lincoln Public Schools will address exactly how they will come up with the money for the service.