Changes could be coming to LPS Calendar

Some big changes could be coming to your child's school schedule. Lincoln Public Schools is looking to change the calendar for the 2011–2012 school year. Every year, a committee forms to take a look at the school calendar, 1 year out, they survey parents, teachers, and administrators to see what they want…and this is what they came up with.

When the bell rings students pour out of Irving middle school…but what may change is what days they're in school. LPS is looking to make some adjustments on their calendar.

“This committee goes through all of the parameters trying to come up with that calendar that meets every characteristic which is impossible and identify the most important ones and then try to propose a calendar that fits that year,” Dr. Ed Zimmer of the School Board said.

Here's the major changes, kids would start school earlier on August 10th…this year started on the 19th. Students would end the semester when they leave for winter break..which would start on December 22nd… And that break would be a bit longer, running through January 9th. School would let out earlier too, on May 23rd, this year kids will be done June 3rd.

Parents are having mixed reviews on the changes. “I think it's a good idea, the kids aren't going to like it, the shorter summer vacation but education is more important they're going to get enough time off as it is,” Jim Cidlik said.

Tina Stone, wishes they would have taken it a step further, keeping kids in class year round. “I think they ought to go to school, be in school instead of being out of school because they learn a lot more if they stay in school,” Stone said.

And while they're looking at these possible changes, one things stays the same, the time spent in class. “The state requires a certain amount of hours this is the same amount of instructional hours as we've had for man years it puts it on the calendar a little differently,” Zimmer said.

Another minor change, is possibly shortening the fall break which falls in the middle of October. Once again this is for the 2011–2012 school year. The board is scheduled to vote on this next Tuesday.

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