Changes happening in Haymarket near Arena

By: Cole Miller

If you've been down in the Haymarket recently, you've noticed the Arena taking shape. Now, just to the south of the Arena, more buildings are beginning to pop up out of the ground. What are they? It seems as if structures are springing up left and right in the west Haymarket. And although construction is still in the early phases, things are moving quickly.

As Brian Neary looks west from the Haymarket, there's a lot see. “I live in Atlanta now which construction there has pretty much stopped,” Neary said.

A UNL Graduate and Omaha native, Neary hasn't visited Lincoln in a few years. “It seems like Lincoln is one of the few places in the country right now that has a lot of construction and cranes and it's very exciting,” Neary said.

Construction on the Pinnacle Bank Arena is in high gear.  And just to the south, red beams growing from the ground up. They'll soon become the district energy plant, providing cooling and heating for the Arena and surrounding buildings. And next door, this building is the new Amtrack station. It'll be done by the end of this month. The old station will then close its doors. Crews will still have to move railroad tracks further to the west.

John Sypal is originally from Lincoln, but now lives in Japan. He comes home once a year.  “I think Lincoln has a lot of great stuff, but some of it is really spread out. I think it'll be neat to have one destination people can come to and see everything at once,” Sypal said.

Come this fall, construction will fire up on the yard, which will be a commons area with retail and residential buildings.  So whenever Neary and Sypal happen to return next, the view will be even more different. The energy building will be completed by January. Pinnacle Bank Arena is set to be done in the fall of next year.  Again, construction on retail and residential units will begin this fall.