Channel 8 KLKN-TV Honors the Firefighter of the Month

Channel 8 KLKN-TV, Atwood and Associates and Interim Healthcare congratulates February's Firefighter of the Month. Please read on and learn more about Glen.


Name Glen Kempf
Badge # 1
Position Fire Apparatus Operator
Station House Station #14
Start Date July 1, 1963

Glen has served as a firefighter, dispatcher and Fire Apparatus Operator during his long career with the Lincoln Fire and Rescue. He has been stationed at and assigned to Station 2, Engine 2 for approximately thirty years of his service. He is currently assigned to Hit 14, at Station #14 , and has been there since August 1, 1996.

Glen has attended many training programs including, Emergency Response to Terrorism, Trauma Grand Rounds- Bio terrorism, Hazardous Materials operations, Radiological Instrumentation, and Meth Clandestine drug lab field training, He is certified on the Engine and Hazmat 14, and is also a Hazmat Technician.

FAO Glen Kempf's 38 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Lincoln, while working at Lincoln Fire & Rescue says a lot. Glen has served the Lincoln community with a professional attitude about his work. His typical duties include responding to fires and medical incidents where he continually demonstrates his abilities. When on Hit 14, Glen is the firefighter you see in the back of the Hit 14 van, always there to assist his fellow firefighters in replenishing their SCBA air tanks when they run out of air. This is one of the vital components of a firefighter's gear.

Glen is a quiet guy, performs his duties without exception, and he is the fellow firefighter/FAO all others depend on at fire incidents.