Channel 8 KLKN-TV Honors The Firefighter of the Month of June

Channel 8 KLKN-TV, Atwood and Associates and Interim Healthcare congratulates the June Firefighters of the Month. Please read on and learn more about Truck 5 B shift.

Truck 5 B shift – has been nominated as a crew for their actions during the Green's Plumbing /Heating fire at 48th & Madison, on January 16, 2003.  Crew- Captain Ron Hohbein, FAO Tom Mann, FF Kevin Searle, and FF Guy Jones.

On Thursday, Jan. 16th, T5B crew was answering a fire call. When the truck company arrived, they saw a person on the East side of the two story building, that was hanging on the outside of the building.  He was hanging by his arms, with one arm on the inside of the window. The crew quickly  assessed the situation.  Normally they would position their truck so that they could use the rig/ladder to reach the victim, but because of an awning and a tree in the way, they were unable to so do. Instead, they took a lladder from the rig, and placed it on the side of the building, and  proceeded to send two firefighters up the ladder, while the other two secured the ladder. They reached the person and got the person down safely and unharmed.

Congratulations to Truck 5 B shift for being honored as the Channel 8 KLKN-TV Firefighers of the month.