Chelsea Clinton campaigns in Lincoln

Posted by: Laura Wilson

LINCOLN–Chelsea Clinton made her 2nd campaign visit to Nebraska this month.

This time, she was in Lincoln.

It was standing room only Monday Night at Fuse Coworking Space, as more than 300 people came to listen to Chelsea Clinton campaign for her mother, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I think it’s time that the United States finally join how many other countries in the world to have a Democrat,” said Hillary Clinton supporter JoEllen Polzien.

“It’s extremely important we get more balance, because the [Supreme] Court has been weighed so extremely right wing ever since Reagan started appointing right wing people," Polzien added.

During her speech, Chelsea Clinton deemed the Supreme Court one of her biggest concerns heading into the next year.

"The next President is expected to appoint one, two, or even possibly an additional three justices to the court.  So this is a hugely important issue,” Clinton explained.

“I think we need a president that understands that we don’t live in a single issue country and that we can’t treat the Supreme Court as a single issue institution.” 

“If you care about fighting global warming and climate change, I think you have to care about the Supreme Court.  If you care about gun control, you have to care about the Supreme Court.  If you care about equal rights, I think you also have to care about the Supreme Court,” Clinton added.

We spoke with several of Hillary Clinton’s supporters Monday night who say, when it came to choosing a democratic candidate for this year’s election, Clinton’s resume speaks for itself.

"International Affairs is the most important thing to me.  And, I think Hillary is the most experienced [in foreign affairs] among all the Republicans and Democrats," said supporter Zia Hossaini.

According to Chelsea Clinton, foreign policy, along with healthcare, are two of the biggest factors that set her mother apart from democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"Whether we’re talking about how to stop ISIS or whether we’re talking about human rights around the world, I think my mother is much more prepared and ready to lead than anyone running for president on either side of the aisle," said Clinton.

And Chelsea Clinton has one more Nebraska stop before Saturday’s democratic caucus.

She’ll be in North Omaha on Tuesday.

It’s still unclear whether Bernie Sanders will visit Nebraska before Saturday’s caucus—though he has made his presence known in the state by running some local political ads.