Chess Club Championships

Posted by: Nolan Crane

Members of the North American Martyrs Chess Club are preparing for this weekends Nebraska State Team Championships. The school has come in first place the past four years. Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

Chess might be a game, but here at North American Martyrs School the staff has been using these boards as teaching tools for the past seven years. Members of the club say the skills they learn in the classroom help their plan their attack when moving the pawns, knights and bishops.

10 year old Jacey Tran has been crowned state champion twice. Just last week she helped her team earn second place in Elkhorn.

“Really teaches kids to think ahead. To think critically, analytically,” says Father Brian Connor.

“I’ve been to the national two years. Once in Madison, Wisconsin and the second time I went to Orlando, Florida,” says Jacey Tran.

The students and chess members have fun playing and outwitting each other, but they hope they can out smart their competition this Saturday.

We’ll let you know if they hoist another trophy on Monday.