Chick-fil-A wants to reunited owner with stuffed animal

Chick–fil–A is trying to get a stuffed animal back to its owner.

Owner Charlie Colón said they received a note from someone saying they might have left a stuffed animal at the restaurant.  After some searching, they found it.

But Colón said he threw the note away and can’t remember if the person left a phone number.

"We don’t know who the owners are," Colón said.  "And so we’re trying to figure out who the owner of this little stuffed animal is."

He said his store is anxious to get it back to whomever it belongs to.

"Stuffed animals are just kind of a part of something that we think is really important for kids—certainly were for mine.  And we thought ‘Let’s go the extra mile. Let’s figure out how we get this back to its owner."

Colón said they hope the rightful owner reaches out to them.  He said when they do, the store will host a reuniting session and party to celebrate.