Child Sexual Abuse

Local authorities were recently shocked to learn that one of the top-ranking officials in the Nebraska state patrol was arrested for sexually assaulting a child. Major Bill Hobbs, who has since resigned his position is scheduled to be in court Tuesday.  The case is drawing attention to something advocates say is happening much too often…

Some national studies estimate that one of every four girls, and one of every seven boys, will be sexually assaulted at some point during their childhood. And the vast majority of the time, the perpetrator is someone they know.

Of the 530 Nebraska children referred to Child Advocacy Center last year by state and local authorities, about 97 percent of the alleged perpetrators were someone the victims knew and three percent were strangers. Sometimes the situation makes it hard for children to talk about the abuse with family members. And advocates say, even if they do, sometimes proper action isn't taken.

They say kids need to utilize the other resources, such as adults they know in their church, or thru other activities, and at school. Teachers, counselors and social workers are available.

 Advocates also say it's important for parents to talk their children about abuse, what touching is appropriate and what isn't…plus people their children can talk to, if something bad happens.

The center helps law enforcement collect evidence in child sexual assault cases…by interviewing children and conducting medical examinations. They also have resources to help families prevent, recognize and deal with abuse.

For more information, you can call them at 476-3200 or visit their website at