Chiropractor overcomes birth defect

        A congenital birth defect has shaped Dr. Dana Stubbs’ life and now she’s using it to teach her patients to overcome challenges.

        "Externally I look a little bit different,." said Dr. Stubbs.

        Dr. Stubbs was born with amniotic band syndrome.

        It’s a congenital birth defect that’s caused by a partial rupture to the amniotic sac.

        Bands of scar tissue from the amnion can wrap around the fetus causing birth defects.

        Dr. Stubbs’ hands were affected, but she’s never let it slow her down.

        She graduated with a doctorate in chiropractic medicine and is using her story to better connect with patients. 

        "It humanizes me too. Doctors can sometimes seem aloof or out of touch. They know that I’m not perfect and I think that makes it a little bit easier to relate to other people in that they realize oh hey she’s got flaws too," said Dr. Stubbs.

        Dr. Stubbs continues to inspire her patients. 

        In April she opened her own chiropractic clinic in southeast Lincoln.

        She hopes she can show her patients that something good can come from everything and you can learn from every situation.

        "I actually think it’s been a benefit in that I know how to problem solve in situations that might not necessarily be ideal," said Dr. Stubbs.

        Dr. Stubbs said it was because of her birth defect that she chose to be a chiropractor.

        She wants to show other that anything is possible, no matter the challenges.