‘Choose Life’ license plates move forward in legislature

Posted by: Abigail Wood


Syracuse Senator Dan Watermeier’s "Choose Life" license plate bill advanced in the legislature today. It’s an option that’s available in over 25 states. 

"I realize it’s being termed as sort of a wedge issue, a divisive issue, but to me it’s just a matter of an option for the citizens of Nebraska," Watermeier said. "If anyone else would rather have a plate that would be contrary to this, they’re certainly welcome to bring that to the floor."

The bill’s been a hot topic since the first day of this legislative session; some senators saying the pro-life stance is too political.

"Some people think that Choose Life license plate is a controversial political argument rather then something like veterans or breast cancer, or mountain lions, which are less political in nature," said Lincoln Senator Patty Pansing Brooks.

She stands against the bill, but says if it must go through she’d like an amendment where "End Rape Culture" would be another available slogan.

The Choose Life plate would cost an extra $5 at the DMV. Watermeier says the proceeds would be donated to needy families in the area. Some senators suggested giving to foster care programs instead, and Watermeier says he will consider that as the bill moves forward. He expects the plate to be a hit, and thinks by the second fiscal year it has the possibility of raising around $50,000 for charity.

This bill will be debated two more times before it can go to the governor to be signed into law.