Christmas village brightens up basement

By: Cole Miller

As we begin decorating our homes for Christmas, a Lincoln man is busy tending to his basement. You have to see it to believe it.

From high above the ski slope, we look down on a Christmas village. Where we find a diner, a sleigh ride and even a couple of kids having a snowball fight. It all started with a tiny skating rink.

“It just took off from there, you know what I mean?”

Over the last 30 years, Harry Pleasant, and his supportive wife, have put together a sprawling Christmas townscape…complete with a driver pushing out his car!

He says it's all about seeing the looks on people's faces.

“Letting everybody else see it, that's what I get a kick out of, letting people see it,” Pleasant said.

Pleasant says the whole thing usually catches people off guard.

“When I talk about a village and they come down and look at it, all of a sudden, they say, 'Wow! It's bigger than I thought!'” Pleasant said.

It takes 3 weeks to put together and set up the more than 1,000 figurines and buildings.

Pleasant says some of his favorites include the bowling alley, where the lanes are busy, the train station, as he's a former Burlington Northern employee and a group of people doing a little birdwatching.

Every village needs the news, right? and here, they watch KLKN! And who knows what we'll see next year. Pleasant says he might just add a couple things here and there.

“It's a possibility, yes! It'll probably get bigger if I find the space!”

Pleasant says his biggest fans are his 6 grandchildren and a few neighbors. After taking last year off because of surgery, he's happy to have the village back in action again this year.