Churches cancel or reschedule ahead of cold temperatures

        Members gathered at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church East Lincoln Sunday afternoon.

        Normally they gather Sunday morning for services, but they decided to cancel their regular meeting time due to the bitter cold that’s forecasted for the coming days.

        Pastor Tim didn’t want to put members at risk with the extreme cold, "The older folks come out, they’re the most faithful ones and we didn’t want that the situation that we put our older folks in danger by having them come out in the cold."

        It was a normal service for those who came out, including communion, songs and a message.

        Church members like CJ Kemnitz say they’re happy with the decision to move things up, "It’s good to get the news cut there to people and worship, but at the same time if you don’t have to take the risk, there’s other ways you can worship god too so it’s good to have it today."

        Mt. Olive is not the only one canceling services, many other area churches have also canceled ahead of the expected cold.

        I spoke with Belmont Baptist Church lead pastor Mike Kidder who also said he didn’t want the elderly congregation going out in the cold.

        As for Pastor he said he will be spending the time he’d normally be preaching inside relaxing, "We’ll stay inside and watch the bowl games I guess."

        Over half a dozen other churches have also canceled services for tomorrow, we have a full list of cancellations here.