Proposed CIR Bill creates controversy

The proposed CIR bill is getting some heat from a non partisan group that says it's not reformed enough.

The Commission of Industrial relations works with Government agencies and unions to solve labor disputes.  However, the Platte Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, says the bill is not significant enough. Saying it creates confusion, is intrusive and doesn't cut spending.  But the bill's introducer says it's meaningful legislation.

“Our goal is not to abolish the cir or collective barging for public employees it's to simply reform the process such that it's more effective,” John McCollister with the Platte Institute said.

“With an issue like this there are going to be groups with an agenda and they'll all have their chance to be heard and hold press conferences but the state legislature needs to find solutions,” Sen. Steve Lathrop said.

A public hearing on the bill is scheduled for Wednesday at noon at the Capitol.