City answers questions about newest round-a-bout

By: Kali Nicole

Yesterday was the first day for the opening of the roundabout at 14th and Superior, and two more are to come.

The city says as a whole, this kind of intersection is safer so they wanted anyone with questions to have those answered before it completely opens up.

They say what goes around, comes around, which is exactly why some of Lincoln's residents say they're confused about round-a-bouts. Specifically, the multi-lane one being built at 14th and Superior. It's just one of the reasons people like Dorris Longoria drove over to Campbell Elementary.

“I've looked at all the maps and pamphlets and I think they're explaining it,” said Longoria. For two hours Tuesday, city engineers were on hand to map out just how the three-lane intersection will work, stressing mainly to watch the signs in the area and yield to traffic inside the round-a-bout.

Also, the city made sure everyone was aware to why the change is worth it. Public works also added that common sense defensive driving is really all that's needed to master round-a-bouts. That include using your blinker and watching for pedestrians.