City Council Hears Testimony on Banning Billboards

The Lincoln City Council Monday afternoon heard public testimony about banning billboards along Interstate 80 and 180, on the edge of town. The state has banned building new billboards along interstate highways since the 1950's. However, that doesn't apply to a stretch of I-80 in Omaha, so officials want to see if the same goes for the Capital City.

If it does, the council is being asked to close that loophole by Planning Director Marvin Krout. Several local citizens also spoke out against adding any more billboards like this one already in place in the city. Others testified that the state regulations already in place are enough, and spoke out against adding 'more' billboard restrictions.

There are already limits on billboards 'within' the city of Lincoln. No action on the 'interstate'-restrictions was taken by the council Monday.