City Council looks at South Beltway & West Haymarket Sport Park

By: Jenn Hatcher

Two possible projects got a preliminary thumbs-up from Lincoln city council members Monday night, one being the South Beltway.

The Lincoln city council voted to allow 16.6 million dollars in federal aid, left over from the Antelope Valley Project, be credited to the beltway project.

The second project, the possible West Haymarket Sports Park, projected to be built on 65 acres of land near Oak Lake.

The city council approved adding the development to the northwest corridor redevelopment plan.

David Landis, with the Urban Development Department explains, “The goal here is to get not just an opportunity for local sports and recreation but with enough fields… it’s possible to bring in tournaments that are regional in nature.”

Developers will bring a full plan for the West Haymarket Sports Complex forward, in the coming months.

As for the South Beltway project, it’s set to begin construction in 2020.