City Council Passes Complete Smoking Ban

At their meeting Monday night, one of the issues expected to be addressed by the Lincoln City Council was the third reading of a proposal to push back enforcement of the most current smoking ban until November. But in an unexpected move, Councilman Ken Svoboda added an amendment, returning the ordinance to it's original form. That original proposal is a one hundred percent smoking ban in all public places in Lincoln. Svoboda's proposal to go back to the original ban passed four to three.

Many business owners in Lincoln who rely on smoking customers say they're upset at this latest move because they were getting ready for the smoking ban that already passed the Council. That banned smoking in businesses that made more than 60-percent of it's income from food sales.

The law will go in affect in 15 days, but won't be enforced until November. Mayor Coleen Seng tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News she will sign the ordinance.