City Council passes several key resolutions.

It was a busy day for the City Council, with two resolutions that could have a major impact on the city.

With a nod of approval from the Lincoln City Council, the redevelopment project of 9th and O streets is one step closer to reality.

But it does bring with a 2% occupational tax that will be applied to hotels in the city

The taxes will be levied on banquet food and beverages, as well as room charges, and go into effect in 2020

The project will be funded by nearly $12 million in TIF funds and more than $2 million EEA funds.

The final changes will consist of two hotels, private condos and linkage between downtown and Haymarket.

"This is a critical intersection in the heart of downtown. It’s something that’s obviously needed. We want this to be as strong of a project as possible,"says Carl Eskridge.

But Councilman Trent Fellers disagreed with the funding portion, which passed on a 4-2 vote.

"I appreciate the investment that’s being made, but it’s too far a leap for me," said Fellers.

In addition to the O Street project, renovations to Innovation Campus were approved unanimously.

This includes an 80,000 square foot building and other improvements, which will cost over $3 million dollars.

"The building is intended for private sector companies leveraging their research capacity in the university." said Urban Development Director.David Landis.

The work at Innovation Campus is expected to be completed by 2018.

All resolutions before the committee passed, and some votes were pushed to later dates.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the process.