City Council Plan

With a 5-to-2 vote, the Lincoln City Council approves the Mayor's Retirement Plan.  It's a chance for city workers who are close to retirement, to leave their careers early, with an incentive.  It's  something many Lincoln residents take for granted city workers and their services, but with expenses on the rise and the city not bringing in enough money, the budget has been falling short.  Since 72-percent of the budget is paying for these services, how to reduce these numbers has been a major issue.  To try and combat that, the Mayor proposed an early incentive retirement plan, which would give cash to employees thinking about early retirement.  Those empty jobs would then either be eliminated entirely or refilled at a lesser wage.  With the Amendment it gives tax payers the best shot possible to make this program work so it will be financially feasible for the city.  Councilmen Jon Camp and Ken Svoboda voted no saying this bill presents too great of a risk for the city and its tax payers.  Camp believes the best solution is to decide what services are most needed, and those that fall at the bottom of the list the city needs to get rid of.  THe plan is a way for them, for the people to leave with some amount of dignity rather than just being told your job is no longer here.  In an effort to help the budget, Mayor Beutler has already issued a hiring freeze.  He also hopes that with the incentive passed today, the city could save more than 2.5 million dollars.  For that to happen 30 people need to retire each year in a 5 year span but on average, 21-25 people retire each year in Lincoln.