City Council Reviews Plans For Antelope Valley Project

With the troubled economy, more businesses are putting off their new development projects, but Monday three businesses had the wheels in motion on their projects.

“The city has a winning trifecta ticket here,” said David Landis of Urban Development. “This is a historic day for the City of Lincoln.”

A historic day and a boost for Lincoln's economy after three different businesses gave their final plea to the city council to pass their plans.

First up was Assurity Life Insurance who will be taking over the Matt Talbot Kitchen. It will be a big part of the redevelopment of the Antelope Valley Project.

“This project should help support and stimulate our local economy,” said Landis. 

They're hoping to have it finished up by September of 2011.

“We believe locating in the Antelope Valley Project will help significantly jumpstart this project and set the tone for redevelopment of the RND corridor,” said Tom Henning of Assurity Life Insurance.  “I believe it'll also encourage other companies to consider relocating in this area.”

With assurity moving into Matt Talbot Kitchen, Matt Talbot will be moving into a building near 27th and Holdrege, which is currently being used by Neighborworks.  Neighborworks will move to the 23rd and P area.

Officials with Matt Talbot Kitchen says they've outgrown their current building and have served record numbers already.

“The first quarter of this year is significantly higher than it was last year at this same time we're very excited for the new space the new facility will offer us,” said Susanne Blue of Matt Talbot Kitchen.

In a declining economy, people are hopeful this will give Lincoln a bit of a boost.

“Jobs are the most critical factor in helping our community grow and prosper,” said Wendy Birdsall of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. “This project is exactly what we need for our future.”

Some of the people testifying Monday called this project a “3-headed monster” because of the challenges of coordinating all of these projects togethers.

The city council will vote on all of these projects next Monday.