City Councilwoman call for immediate action on storm water project

Posted By: Veronica Ortega

City Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm is taking steps to secure funds for the storm water project near 56th and Fletcher, after a letter from Coby Mach with the Lincoln Independent Business Association, urged lawmakers to take immediate action. It’s one of the biggest projects of Mayor Beutler’s storm water bond issue.

"This is a $3.2 million project. Our match is $400,000. We stand to lose a significant amount, millions of dollars in federal funds, if we don’t have the money," said Councilwoman, Cyndi Lamm.

Phase one of the project, which is the design stage, has been granted by the federal government. City officials say they’re working on formalizing that approval, which can take six weeks to two months or more, to accomplish.

"I think for Watershed Management, we can wait until after the bond passes or doesn’t pass, to make that decision," said Ben Higgins.

Lamm says she’s working on legislation that she plans to introduce as soon as March 28th. It would transfer money from the cash reserves or another source, to fully fund the project, or she fears they could possibly lose the federal funds.

"I want to be able to say to the citizens, the city, and the federal government, here’s our money, it’s set aside and its dedicated. We’re ready to move forward with the project just as soon as we can get it done," said Cyndi lamm.

Ben Higgins with Watershed Management say 56th and Fletcher is just one of several critical projects that will benefit the people of Lincoln, and working on just one will send the wrong message that other areas of the city are not as important.

The bond issue will be on the May 10th ballot. If it doesn’t pass Watershed Management says they’ll try to find money for the project somewhere else.