City engineer said major ice buildup didn’t start until 4a.m.


The following statement was released by the City of Lincoln around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

The City’s full salt spreading operation combined with the sunshine to clear ice from the majority of major streets by late morning today.   City officials are confident streets will be in good condition for the afternoon commute, but caution is still advised.   StarTran service was back on schedule by mid-morning.

Ice formed on streets prior to the morning rush as a result of frigid air temperatures and warm ground temperatures.   Although crews began responding to complaints about 2 a.m., the major icing did not begin until close to  4 a.m.  City Engineer Roger Figard ordered a full material spreading operation at 4:38 a.m., and the first crews began spreading salt about 5 a.m.   Figard said it normally takes about 5 hours for crews to cover the major streets, so they were unable to complete the full operation before the morning commute.  

Between now and 4 p.m., crews will spot check and patrol problem areas and respond to citizen requests.  Those with concerns about an icy condition can call the Snow Center at 402-441-7644. In preparation for the evening rush and nighttime hours, crews will be deployed again about 4 p.m. to cover areas that have refrozen and to continue to respond to requests.

For more information on City snow operations, visit (keyword: snow).