City Government Changing

Newly elected Mayor Chris Beutler says he's not nervous at all to take over as Lincoln's Mayor.

He says if anything, he can't wait to get started.

Beutler says he has a lot of things to prepare for when he officially takes office in a couple weeks.

So far, he's hired new staff members to help him transition into his new position.

Beutler says he's already set up meetings with City Council Members.

He has also talked with current Mayor Coleen Seng about different city projects that will need his immediate attention when he takes over.

Beutler's not the only one that's working overtime.

City Council Woman Robin Eschliman says after the recent election.

She's now the only woman serving on the council.

Eschliman says it's an overwhelming thought to represent about 100,000 women of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Eschliman also mentioned there has been a minority representative on the city council for at least 12 years.

But, now there are none.