City leaders compromise on key issues

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

A compromise has been reached between the mayor and City Council on four high–profile issues.

“Lately compromise has been more difficult," said Mayor Chris Beutler.

The city has been in disagreement about the budget process, adding staff to the council, and the Recycle Lincoln Ordinance.

The group has found two solutions they believe will improve the budget process in the future. First, they have designed a proposal to change the budget calendar.

"This will give the council more opportunity for input earlier in the budget process. Second, under this legislation the mayor will release his proposed budget earlier in the calendar year," Leirion Gaylor Baird said.

They are also introducing a resolution to ask the Charter Revision Commission how to handle the issue of a Mayoral veto of a Council–approved budget.

"The commission should review how the process works in other jurisdictions…and make recommendations on whether the current system of addressing a budget veto should remain or changes should be implemented by charter amendment," said Jane Raybould.

The City Council is also looking for a way to provide them with more staff.

"The reason why we need staffing was mentioned by Leirion, our city is growing and the responsibilities of the council are growing. It has become clear to my colleagues and me that this is a full time job," Roy Christensen said.

A compromise to improve Lincolns recycling rate was also reached. Details on this agreement will be released Friday.

There will be a hearing held on each of these issues. The budget calendar proposal will be voted on in February, but the rest of the items will be voted on January 30th.