City Of Lincoln Celebrates President Lincoln’s Birthday

Sunday marks what would be the 197th birthday of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. A large crowd turned out at Northstar High School for the city of Lincoln's annual birthday-party for old Abe. Many people were dressed in clothing from the civil war period, and some even came dressed as the late president.

Abraham Lincoln is known as one of the greatest presidents of our country's history, and Sunday hundreds came to honor the man that gives Lincoln it's name.

It was as if you were back in Civil War times, many came dressed in war period clothing, and others came as Abe himself.  Illinois actor Micheal Krebb has been impersonating President Lincoln for about 12 years now and says it's was an honor to be invited to come to the city with his namesake, to participate in a re-enactment of the infamous Lincoln, Douglas debate.

The event also had booths where children could play with “Lincoln logs” and others could see memorabilia from the president's time. This was the sixth year for the celebration, and every year there is an Abe look-a-like contest. But this was the very first year the celebration has ever had an re-enactment of the famous debate.