City Officials Look At Taming Wild Parties

The battle to control loud house parties in Lincoln is making its way to the City Council.

On Monday, members will consider an ordinance to strengthen penalties for people who maintain “disorderly homes.”

Currently, the punishment for maintaining a disorderly home varies from case to case.

City leaders say it's important to strengthen penalties not only for people who throw these house parties, but also for those who own or manage the property where they take place.

An ordinance being considered by the City Council would create a minimum penalty for maintaining a disorderly home at least 250 dollars.

For a second offense, it would be not less than $350.

Violators could never be forced to pay more than $500 or spend more than six months in jail.

Property managers could also be penalized.

The ordinance will first be presented at the City Council meeting on Monday.

There will be a public hearing.