City officials speak about death of Lincoln girl

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy

Officials identify 5–year–old Nubari Koffree, the Lincoln girl who lost her life in a water park.

It's a heartbreaking accident, but city officials are confident the water park is still safe for people to enjoy this summer. Island Oasis Water Park has never seen an accident like this before.

5 –year–old Nubari Koffree died while swimming at the Grand Island water park Saturday. Preliminary autopsy reports indicate she drowned.

"It's heartbreaking to hear, that mother's cry just breaks your heart. I mean, I can't get her cry out of my head,” says Tabitha Scott, witness.

Nubari was found in the wave pool, officials say the machine was not on at the time of her death.

Officials say they were fully staffed at the time, and under capacity. They say they're confident in the pools safety protocol. It's the first death in the water park since it opened over 20 years ago, in 1994.

"Our track record is very safe, so I think my concern in it all was to make sure we provide the best service and safety,” says Marlan Ferguson, City Administer.

That's why they opened the pool the following day.

"We think it's important to show citizens it was not a mechanical problem that they are safe to open,” says Marlan Ferguson, City Administer.

Officials say the park did not see a drop in attendance on Sunday. In fact, it appeared to be an average crowd for a summer Sunday afternoon.