City prepares for Streets Alive

By: Hannah Paczkowski

People in Lincoln are getting ready to play in the streets for the annual Streets Alive celebration.

“The general idea is you close down the streets to all motorized traffic, there's no cars, no motorcycles, it's only people walking and biking, walking their dogs, roller skates, so we just close down the streets for people to hang out and have fun,” Dir. of Partnership Bob Rauner said.

Streets Alive is a two mile loop near the Capitol, and South and Everett neighborhoods.

People will have the opportunity to learn about living a healthier lifestyle and this year it's merging with two event.

Community Crops will be holding their Veg Fest at Streets Alive, teaching people how to garden in their own back yards.

A bike-tacular will show children the importance of bike safety.

“It's a way to work a little bit on bike safety, you know there was a bad bike accident last week and so get them to understand it's important to wear a helmet,” Rauner said.

Rauner said the main purpose for Streets Alive is to bring the community together in a healthy way.

“It helps people connect with a lot of things they didn't realize were out there everything from all the bike clubs to the athletic events to the gardening and community crops. There's no reason just to hang out inside that there's other things they could be doing that they might like,” he said.

Streets Alive will be this Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

It's free and this year they're hoping for at least 4-thousand people playing in the streets.