City receives big gift for Union Plaza

A pretty generous gift was given to Union Plaza to kick start its main attraction.  Union Plaza is a 3 block urban park just north of O street between 21st and 22nd in the Antelope Valley project, and with the help of a local family it just got a big boost.

It's still being worked on today…but with the help of this big check, it will soon become this, and the $600,000, will help pay for that, including the outdoor amphitheater and trails.

The donors are the late Burket Graf and Sheila Dickinson Dinsmore Graf, Sheila's son, Dave, says his mom loved helping those in need and being outdoors…he says this is a spot she'd enjoy.

“I'm just very proud of what she did for the community and I think the important thing is this whole project will last into many future generations,” Dave Dinsmore said.

Right now its just dirt but by the fall of next year this will have an amphitheater in the corner and then if you walk down the bike trail…you'll run into this, right now its just a bare area with this turtle, eventually they hope to add on and make this an area where kids can come play.

“The park system is important both for its contribution to the quality of life for those that live here and for economic development,” Mayor Chris Beutler said.

The project has a complete date of Fall 2010, with phase 1 done, people are already enjoying the area and the family hopes that continues for many years to come.

“It's tremendous, it's just a beautiful aspect to the city and I think its gonna make our city more attractive and easier to connect with,” Dinsmore said.

The gift was given thru the Lincoln Community Foundation on behalf of the Graf's…it's the largest gift the Foundation has ever made.