City Repairs

City crews are repairing more potholes and water main breaks than they have had to in years.  A very cold January and February and recent warm weather is to blame. City crews have filled 800 potholes since Tuesday and have 3 times more water mains to fix than last year.   

Because of thawing and refreezing grounds, potholes are getting bigger and the soil around water mains shift and cause them to crack.   So far, there are triple the amount of broken water mains this year than last year.  You can't predict when or where a water main may break, and when it does, city crews have a hard time locating where the crack is. Grounds can be frozen 18 to 24 inches deep and when it breaks the water doesn't surface at one particular point, it can seep anywhere.  You may know when it does if you have low water pressure in your home or you see water seeping onto the street.  Rudletes Palmer and Percy Hall have had dozens of problems this winter.   

If the main breaks, the city takes care of it  if you're line, which is basically from the street to your house breaks, it's your buck to repair it.  You could pay up to four thousand dollars to fix a line, the only way to prevent it, have a plumber check out your pipes to see if you can repair the line in the early stages.  Be cautious if your home is older than 70 years old,  or if your pipes were made of galvanized iron, it corrodes easier.  Also be aware if mains are breaking in your area. The city budgets about 3 million dollars to fix  breaks per fiscal year. They've already spent 2 million. Fixing potholes is also pricey, city crews use a “throw and go” method, and come back to lay more if needed.