City starts road repairs near South 26th and Highway 2

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Drivers beware.

There is a new area of town you may want to avoid. the city has begun its work on the roads along South 27th between Woods Boulevard and Highway Two Monday. Traffic is currently reduced to one lane northbound.single lanes in either direction is something you should expect in the coming weeks.

"It should be open to traffic at all times, but anyone traveling the area should expect delays due to the construction," City Construction Project Manager  James Puls said.

Workers will be fixing potholes among other road repairs like removing and replacing curbs and bettering ramps.

This is all part of the mayor's summer of progress plan.

"We're just trying as  a part of the summer of progress  trying to make the improvements the public wants to see," Puls said.

The construction is taking place right next door to more than five businesses. All of them will stay open during the project.

Some are concerned it will have an effect…while others are staying optimistic.

"Road construction in Lincoln is kind of like the weather, we can't do much about either one, we're just going to make the best out of the situation," True Value Store Manager Dan Hazelwood said.

These repairs are a part of a bigger 27th Street Pavement Plan and this is phase one.

It is funded by leftover money  from the Antelope Valley Project.

It's scheduled to be completed by the first week of September.

The next part will take place on the North side from Fletcher Ave to Wildcat Drive starting next month.

In the meantime, the city wants to say this.

"I just like the thank the public for their patience i know like you said, there's a lot of construction  work going on and the public has been very courteous  dealing with those issues," puls said.