City under snow emergency

Lincoln is under a snow emergency.

Since 6 o’clock Monday evening, parking has been banned on both sides of all arterial streets, emergency, bus, and school routes for snow cleanup.

Channel 8 talked to snow crews Monday afternoon.

"Right now we’ve got 60 units on the road that are patrolling the arterial routes, trying to keep the snow pushed back as best they can until the wind subsides," said Tim Byrne of Lincoln Public Works.

Byrne said they’ve already spread a salt and brine material to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.

A big problem they were dealing with Monday afternoon was blowing snow.

"Blowing snow creates challenges because once you get it pushed out of the way, it’s just blown right back," Byrne said.  "So we’re in maintenance mode right now.  Once the snow stops and the wind slows down, then that allows us to really start achieving our goal of getting back to dry pavement."

Byrne said they expect to have streets down to clean pavement early Tuesday morning.   He said if you see snow crews, give them extra space.

As of 9 p.m. Monday, there were around 70 accidents in Lincoln. On a normal day there’s around 25.