City works to get a jump on icy roads

Posted by: Abigail Wood

There’s a saying in the snow plow business: you want to see running water.

"It’s running water!" JR Rodriguez, a Lincoln snow plow driver, said. "That means the salt and the brine is doing it’s job."

Rodriguez has been driving a snow plow for 20 years in the capital city. He says at this point, he has a pretty good feel for these streets, especially his route in Southwest Lincoln.

"Here’s a little hill. It’s on my rout," he said, pulling up to the intersection at 10th and Van Dorn. "I got this earlier; you can see how clear it is right now."

He drives one of the 20 rigs the city owns, trading off every 12 hours with another man so the plow is never idle for more than an hour in these conditions.

"We live by the weather here," he said.

Crews were out on the roads Thursday and Friday, getting ahead of this weekend’s storm. During the day, they say salt and brine clean the area up pretty well. But nighttime is a different matter. 

Rodriguez says to watch out for freezing roads, especially near intersections and hills. The residential roads are also less plowed.

A total of 101 accidents were reported in Lincoln Friday, when the ice first hit, but that number has gone down today since road crews have been working around the clock.