Clay Anderson talks about final shuttle mission

As the NASA shuttle program is set to launch its final mission Friday, Nebraska's only astronaut will be watching.  Clay Anderson joined the space program in 1983.  As a rookie he worked with engineers on how the Atlantis would dock and undock in the space station. In 2007, he spent five months in space.  And a few days on the shuttle Atlantis which is set to launch on its final journey Friday.

Clay will be watching the launch from Houston.  “I was intimately involved in the development, operations of all these vehicles and it's a very proud thing to think I had to opportunity to help design, operate, and execute that mission,” Anderson said.

Clay says it's important for people to understand the space program isn't ending, just the shuttle program. Clay adds he's proud to have been Nebraska's first astronaut. But he hopes he won't be the last.