Cleaning Up Storm Damage

One Lincoln woman is happy the damage isn't worse, after last night's severe weather knocked over a giant tree in front of her house.

Heather Gapp's front porch.

“With all the wood breaking it just sounded like the front of my house was being torn off torn completely away,” Gapp said.

She was just dozing off when a tree came crashing down. Barely missing her front door. For her car though, a much different story.

The Parks and Recreation department was there early Sunday afternoon to clean up the mess. Lincoln city forester Steve Schwab says Gapp's house was one of the worst.

 “This has been probably the most damage done to any structure or house of an of the 35 calls that we've had,”Schwab said.

But that's not to say the damage elsewhere was minimal. Tree limbs littered yards not far from Mike Hadcock's home at 6th and d streets.

“We haven't seen winds like this for a long time,” Hadcock said.

Both he and Gapp say they hope they don't see it again anytime soon. 

 “I'm glad nobody was hurt it could have been really bad somebody could have been walking down the sidewalk or it could have fallen the other way and somebody would have been on,”Gapp said.