Lancaster County drivers buckle up

By: Ashley Harding

Now that people are hitting the road, Lancaster County deputies are making sure everyone drives safely.

When you see an officer motioning for you to pull over, it can be a little unnerving. Especially if you're a driver who isn't following the law. For drivers like Daniel Cook, who do buckle up, the thought of hitting the road without a seatbelt is out of the question.

 “You're taking your own life and putting it in the hands of somebody else. You get hit by a drunk driver and you don't have your seatbelt on, it'll kill you too,” said Cook.

At a checkpoint on Highway 77 just north of the Crete exit, Lancaster County Sheriff's officials pulled over more than 430 cars. They issued one warning to a driver not wearing a seatbelt and cited another driver because a child wasn't in a car seat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nationally, one in seven people still don't do it. According to Nebraska State Patrol, more than 180 people have been killed on Nebraska highways this year.  That's why Sergeant Derek Horalek says you should never leave the driveway without buckling up first.

“You don't know what other drivers are going to do if you're in a collision. If you're not buckled up and properly restrained in the vehicle, the likelihood is that you're going to get more seriously hurt than you would if you were properly buckled,” said Sgt. Horalek.

The checkpoint may be over now, but Sheriff's officials say “Click it or Ticket” is still in effect. They'll also being keeping an eye out.

 “I'm glad these guys are out here doing this. It makes me feel safer on the roads,” said Cook.

 Sheriff's officials also say they'll be watching this Thanksgiving weekend.